so long time..

hai guys. its really a long time since my last post.
maybe, dah terasa terbosan utk mengupdate blog kot. 
but now, i'm in track but not for a long time tho.
guess what?? i'm in part4 now taking degree islamic banking.
it's just about 2weeks and final exam comes. pretty fast isn't it. 
btw, i am already 22 now. and still..nobody ask for any serious relationship.nwm then.hihi
i will just do a quick update. and will keep inform my activities after this. watch out!
tomorrow will be a test on monetary economic subject. wish me a lots of luck. need to get full marks for this. until then, love much. bye2

just for lovely followers. this is the new me now. no more childish posting after this. finger-cross :) hiks