a day b4 my two test

salam..to fellow blogger,, today my day is not really lucky n happily likes b4,, i don know n i can`t find wt d causes ,, this moning, my klas BEL wif Miss WAHIDA a little bit messy bcoz ,she had loss her tampered on us ,,but still it is our fault too bcoz didn`t do our homwork smoothly,, it`s not that we didn`t want to ask her but hmm i dont know wt 2 say,, i am jus hoping she will not feeling hurts wif our behaviour.. we will change ourselves slowly ,,we know we are in a Uni but myb we didn`t feel it strongly enough,, i am so sorry MISS WAHIDA if i had done wrong at u today,, I will change 4 d better,, it`s not really best to see u scolding us this morning,., I am really dissapointed on myself bcoz myb I`am not really expose myself in ur class it is not i`m not try but evrytime i try to get ur attention ,, sometimes u recognized me,, i felt so happy,,,hee.. lets move on to MAT clas wif PN. HUDA.. today we learn chapter 3,,compound interest,, its looks likes a better topics from previously ,, i can do it more better,, Mat is not so really susa sbnanye cme kte kne phm n crik jwpn jep,, asalkn kte phm ape2 cre kite wt un leyh dptkn jwpn nye,, our klas abes kol 11 stgh ,, then tros go back to college 4 sleep n rests,, smpi blik change clothes n tdo aahh,, lme gk tdo ,, kol 2 ,fren aq dtg soh aq bce test mgt sok,, huhu dngn brt aty aq bngon n ngapal pe yg ptot tok test sok hope tjok yg sir ckap uh msok la,, lau x mmg mmpos ah aq sok,, test plak tu xtwu cne na jwp ty,, huu so tonite cannot online but ready 4 the test 2morrow kol 9pg pai 11tghri,, then xleh g mane2 tros blik kolej tok test account ari ahd plak,, heehe so bz likes my dad... :) hmm hopefully aq leh jwp test sok,,so cuak rite now ,, test mat aritu ta dpt marks agy tp aq arap sgt2 ok jep ,,, idop n mti aq niyh lau xkne repeat ag nex sem oh no,, mmg ta nk la kn,, that`s not my mission to came here.. huu mnx2 aq kuat smngt n get better marks,, oh God pliss help me,, really needs to get gud results n doing my best in final exam,,, MIG u hve 2 be strong,,, dont give up kayh engt parentz ko yg ltak hrapn yg tnggi kt ko,,, ko la yg leh eppykn dorg,,, blas jasa parentz ko MIG.. rmembe that,,, thnxz to my luv frenz since highskul yg slalu bg smngt kt aq ,,, aq cyg ko as frenz ,,, aq rnduu cgt kt ko,, arap kite jumpe ty kayh... heee