It's been a long dayyy

It is so long ago last time i've updated my blog
So much things happen and now I am grown up and matured person from before
There is much thing happen and like always the bad ones will be remembered forever
All I can say,, change yourself and be a better person. PRAY HARD and get ALLAH blessings
As for now, I am already completed my Degree in Business Administration Hons Islamic Banking
I am 23 years old now. Thankfully I have managed to complete the 4 semester of Degree in 2 years
Many of my girl friends are now working and happily married
I am also looking forward for myself in working life and marriage. May ALLAH ease my journey
All things happen is by ALLAH blessings and planning. I will be a humble person and work hard to live up this journey and making my parents proud of me.
My family currently facing a difficult path. But this will not make me weak and give up
I will strive and grow strong to face all this difficulties and make them smile and happy sooner
Wait for my next update as am still searching for any job opportunities ahead of me.PRAY for me guys. May Allah bless all of us.

Best regards,
i am strong and mature now