MaSaM MaNiS HiDuP SaYa


 I have a Teddy bear. Her name is Gemok because it is bigger than me. Thus, I love my teddy bear because of my teddy bear is huggable, important and it is cuddly. 

My teddy bear is cuddly. It is in a round-shape. It have a lots of fur, white cotton and really smooth. The colour of my teddy bear is light orange and dotted pink. The eyes of my teddy bear is round and black in colour. Feel relaxed whenever see my teddy bear. Thus, my teddy bear is cuddle. 

The teddy bear is important. It is because it was a gift on my birthday. My lovely sisters gave it to me when our family on a vacation at Pulau Langkawi. It was on my eighteen birthdays when I got the teddy bear. Even though, we did not celebrated with a party but yet. I still got a birthday's present. At first I got the teddy bear, my face smiling all the time. I was so excited to open the box. As soon as I touched it, I felt so warmly. My teddy bear is important for the rest of my life. 

My teddy bear is huggable. I hug it when I am studying, eating, sleeping and also making calls with my love. Besides that, I bring it everywhere I like such as when I go to my friend's room, family holiday or on a vacation. I am also take good care of it like washing it once a month and sprays with febreze once a day. I placed my teddy bear at the corner of my bed with my pillow. I really care about my teddy bear. I am jealous if someone has a teddy bear which is huge than mine. My teddy bear is really huggable even my friends are like it too. 

 In short, my teddy bear is huggable, important in my life and it is cuddly.

                                                                                                   NUR SYAMEERA BINTI RAZALI
I remembered on 1989 . It was on a cloudy days. Late of the Wednesday evening, I was waited for a bus at the Kuala Selangor’s bus stand. At that time, I worked as a operator. I was still young but I have to work to help my parents. At 6.30p.m, I  was on my way home at Tanjong Karang. Half an hour passed, suddenly the rain started falling cats and dogs. I was sitting there along by myself. I was listened to my walkman to reduce my fear when I heard the sound of thunder.

Suddenly, I shocked by a guy rushing to the bus stand. His body was all wet because the rain was suddenly fall heavily. Then, he sat right beside me. I just sat quietly and felt a bit afraid because I thought that him would be a bad guy. I looked at him when he was busy wiped his wet clothes.

He was a tall guy. I thought his height’s was around 6-7 feet inches.  His body was in a good shaped. Not really fat. Then, I started stared at his faces. He has such a beautiful eyes.  Black in colour.  So cool for me to watch his eyes. Then, I realized that he noticed I was watching him. He smiled happily at me. For me, he was a good-looking guy I have ever looked.

Then, I remembered that I had a sweater in my bags. I bravely handed over the sweater to him. I felt sorry for him and wanted to give helped. He took the sweater and again he smiled at me. He covered himself warmly. We both waited for the bus together. He acted so cool and asked my name and then we both chatted with each other. We talked about our recently jobs and future.

Half an hour later, the bus came by. The bus was full with people. Fortunately, there was two seats left at the back. Suddenly, he grabbed my right hands. He allowed me to sit first .We both sitting together at the left seat. At first, I felt a bit shy but yet happy too. It was my first time to sit with an unknowing guy but my hearts felt save and at peace. The guy started to ask me more about myself. I told him about my life background. We both were exchanged number and address.

Half an hour passed, my destination has arrived. Before I left the bus, he whispered at my ears
 “I likes your smiles and the cute faces”, said the guy.

 “Thank you, Mr. raining guys”, I replied with smile on my faces.

On that moment, deep in my heart I felt that I was in love with him even though we were just met each other in just about 3hours ago. 
this is me and my love,gemok . huhu . even though , it is not really big . but, for me , it is more big than i expect to get on my birthday. thnxz to adilah for giving me this tedddy bear . love u . muah9