Descriptive essay

I love my teddybear because my teddybear is huggable, important and it is cuddly. 
My teddybear is cuddly. It is round-shape. It have a lots of fur, white cotton and really smooth. The colour of my teddybear is light orange and dotted pink. The eyes of my teddybear is round and black in colour. My teddybear is cuddle. 
The teddybear is important. It is because it was a gift on my birthday. My lovely sisters gave it to me when our family on a vacation at Pulau Langkawi. It was my eigtheen birthday when I got the teddybear. Eventhough, we did not celebrated with a party but yet . I still got a birthday's present. My teddybear is important for the rest of my life. 
My teddybear is huggable. I hug it when studying, eating, sleeping and making calls with my love. Besides that, I bring it everywhere I like such as when I go to my friend's room , family holiday or on a vacation. I am also take good care of it like washing it once a month and sprays with febreze once a day. I placed my teddybear at the corner of my bed with my pillow. My teddybear is really huggable even my friend are like it too. 
My teddybear is cuddly, important in my life and it is huggable.