speaking tyme in BEL260 class

60 words about yourself !!
My fullname is Nur Syameera binti Razali. Most of my friends call me Mig or Mira. I like to surfing internet and chatting in facebook because I like to find new friends. I like to eat Tom yam and Mee Bandung because those food are easy to get in all restaurants. Besides that, I love to go shopping with my mum because I don`t have to use my own money. When i`m going to shopping my eyes will attract on wedges,handbags,purses, high heels,jewelleries and gadgets. Other than that, I love to SMS and making calls everyday. i spent a lot on topup like about RM10 just for two days. I really like teddybears, from smallest and huge teddybears. I have many teddybears but the one i really love is Gemok. I love to hug and kiss my teddybear. My good behavior is I like to laugh,smile and tidy up my room in the morning. While, my bad behavior is I like to sleep in my room for about more than 3 hours in the evening and I am lack off confidence in the class especially in BEL260 class,I dont know why but I think I must approve myself so that the lecture will give me the highest marks. Like he said, the more you talk, the more marks you will get. I feel so nervous and afraid if I failed in this subjects for this semester. I hate when people like to judge me because I will become very sensitive on what people think about me. I hate liers because they are bad person. I like the english subject very much from my old school until now because I think english is good to be learn. But my weakness is I cannot speak well in english class. I am feel really dissapointed on myself. Other than that, I am good in english essay, I think so because I like to write a many stories in english. Eventhough, my essay is not really good but at least I tried. 
Hope u all enjoy my writing huhu love mimig. . .